January 2021

Happy New Year to you All!

I am taking a deep breath and diving into January 2021, with the launch of my website and the return to online classes with my inspiring students.

As I am sure in a lot of household around the world, getting back into the new routine. Facing new challenges of more screen time and restrictions on movement,  can be very stressful.  Its times like these that I am so fortunate to have my art and the Ocean nearby.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved painting, drawing & creating. And even when life gets a little bit crazy, or throws a curveball my way, this love has always remained constant.  Along with my art, the call of the sea is a daily medicine for me. Even on the coldest and darkest days the ocean continues to stir my heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to my soul. 

So where ever you are and whatever life is throwing at you, find whatever helps; a doodle, paintbrush, a walk in the fresh air, a dip in the cold water, embrace it, and as they say ‘May the force go with you!’

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